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The most comfortable and visually appealing collection of ladies night wear.

About Us

The prime requisites that any individual looks for in clothes are comfort and ease of wearing, followed by design elements, and as far as ladies night wear are concerned, the former plays a major role in deciding the suitability of the apparel. Ingraining the same principle at the core of our operations, Superb International Apparels Ltd. offers an eclectic and highly appreciated range of ladies nightwear, famed for their unmatched comfort quotient and highly appealing design.

Our company was established in 2016, and in a relatively brief stint in the industry, we have managed to win the patronage of a wide clientele who gravitate towards our portfolio, solely on account of their stellar aesthetics and high comfort. Backed by a posse of experienced designers and diligent marketing personnel, we have cemented our position as a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of apparel such as Ladies Nightwear, Printed Ladies Night Suits, Lounge Wear and Trendy Night Shorts to name a few.

Our Products

Ours is an assorted range of the best-in-class ladies night dresses and lounge wear, designed with comfort in the mind, that too, in a highly attractive form factor. Following is a list of broad categories to which our ladies garments belong:

  • Ladies Nightwear
  • Night Suite
  • Capri
  • Shorte
  • Slip
  • Tank Tops
  • Nighty
  • Maternity Nighty
  • Lounge Wears

A Promise of Unrivaled Comfort and Eclectic Design

Superb International Apparels Ltd. has always been driven by the prospect of providing a range of ladies nightwear that can truly justify their sole purpose- comfort. Keeping the same in mind, we employ the best quality fabrics that can offer maximum ease and highest levels of comfort to the person wearing them and make them feel confident and empowered, that too, in a highly comfortable form factor. As for the latter, we have adopted an open minded approach which means inculcating the latest design elements and the styles in vogue to make our ladies night wear truly stand out.


Our vision is to design ladies apparel that can make them feel confident and empowered by the sheer aesthetics and presentation value of the clothes they wear, all the while, being highly comfortable and paving way for a good night's sleep.

Brand Values

Our portfolio of ladies night wear exude an unmistakable aura of feminism, which is exactly what we sought to accomplish with our portfolio, and aim to continue the same streak. We are guided by a four-fold policy that is centered around the values of Optimism, Creativity, Inclusiveness and Trust,which have so far guided our company's operations and generated stellar results.